Trash or Treasure: Reconnecting our Past (Talk presented at Dragon Tails 2017)

Download the full talk: Trash or Treasure by Kira Brown  (PDF)

My talk is about the collection of family material that I’ve inherited from my Chinese ancestors. it addresses how I’ve tried to make sense of the items and my growing awareness of their value. I’ve come to understand the need for the collection’s preservation and how important it is to share and make my material accessible to a wider community.

I inherited objects, photographs, documents and correspondence relating to: mining, personal effects, household items, family portraits and photographs depicting life and business in the Tingha and new England region. there are albums of postcards and greeting cards and letters of personal and business correspondence.

I apologise in advance for my mispronunciation of Chinese words or names

The title of my talk is Trash or Treasure: Reconnecting our Past

I’m a 5th generation Australian; Anglo-Celtic and Chinese on my mother’s side. Anglo-Celtic on my father’s side.

I’ve often been told:

“You don’t look very Chinese”


2 Replies to “Trash or Treasure: Reconnecting our Past (Talk presented at Dragon Tails 2017)”

  1. What a great site you have.
    My great great grandfather was born ‘near Amoy, China’ about 1833. We have not been able to find any records with any Chinese characters and are therefore unable to determine his Chinese name. He married my great great grandmother in 1863 near Dapto NSW. She was born in Germany. Tom was about 30 years old and Barbara was about 14 years old when they married. They had 14 children together who all grew to adulthood.

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    1. Thank you Helene
      And thanks for sharing your family history journey. Yes it’s difficult to trace Chinese names, don’t give up the search they can be found in surprizing places.


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