Wesleyan Methodist church – Tingha

This is the interior of the Wesleyan Methodist church, it’s interesting to note the fusion of cultures  — Chinese lanterns and banner with Chinese characters.

Photo Caption reads: The interior of the present Methodist church Tingha, The minister is a Chinese missionary Rev, Tear-Tack. You will notice the congregation are mostly Chinese. This church was built by a Chinese carpenter when most of Tingha’s population were Chinese (it’s possible Quin Jack may have built or helped build the church)

Fong Mon How “Jimmy” is seated second from the right.

Tingha Methodist Church Rev, Tear Tac
This photo taken outside the church c1896 may be the christening of the Tear Tacks’ youngest daughter, Alice Lucy, born at Bundarra, held by mother Emma Tear Tack.

For more visit  Emma Tear Tack nee Lee Young by Gill Oxley

Methodist Church Tingha, Rev.Tear Tac baptisim - detail

Mon How is seated on the ground first on the right holding his hat.

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  1. Great looking website Kira and you have a wealth of photos and other objects to share.

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